Big Sand Campgrounds is located 94 kilometers from Cebu City, Philippines. This is definitely a place for a family who would like to have a beautiful time together, while enjoying the serenity of the environment. Famous for its white sand and clear blue waters, the property is at the heart of it. It is a perfect place to swim and an ideal place to stroll.

This is the place to wind up an otherwise hectic day. Come to Big Sand Campgrounds and watch the golden sun rises or simply feel the cool breeze of the sea and relax with your friends and just be alone and not lonely.

If you are looking for place to hold your company retreat, come to Big Sand Campgrounds. The property is situated at the end of the long stretch of white sand and line of resorts, which makes it very favorable for group discussions free of disruptions of people passing by. Likewise, the properly has a place where the group can convene.

Planning for a reunion or a party? We invite you to Big Sand Campgrounds. The property has cabin and a camp house that can accommodate a good number of people. The place offers an opportunity for everybody to have quality time together while preparing for your own food if you prefer to do it.